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Real Stories From Real Girls

If you are receiving messages like these -- go to our resource page to learn how to stop it!


“When I was in the 11-14 year old range, I frequently had middle aged men follow me, send me “hey cutie” messages, or ask If I wanted to be a sugar baby. Now that I’m an adult, that almost never happens.”


“ I remember when I first got Instagram, I was obviously dating someone (he was in every pic) and I got countless DMs from guys who were 3x my age. The messages ranged from asking to be in their porn films, asking to meet up, and offering to be my sugar daddy. Super creepy. I was 17 years old.”


“Starting at 14, I used to get almost weekly messages on Instagram asking for nudes and offering to pay for them. I have hardly received any messages like that now that I’m grown.”


“I get scary follow requests from sugar daddies and things like that all the time. I’m 14”


“I’ve gotten 3+ junk pics asking If I “wanna f***?”, got a message from an old man wanting to “find some sweet young girls [he] can be a sugar daddy to.” … It almost makes me want to stop using social media and posting pictures of myself.”


“When I was 14, all my friends were getting scary sexual messages from older guys on Instagram. I felt embarrassed and ugly that I never received one. Now that I’m older I realize how sad and wrong that was. These pedophiles prey on girls who thought like I did.”

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