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* Small in size and easy to use * Free trial version for 30 days * Fast, very powerful and accurate * Exclude word list to not show duplicates (because they occur all over your page) * Covers a lot of keywords * Finds first, middle or end text keywords * Ability to search in text without empty words (because some keywords don't have text) * Shows text characters in color if they can be found * Windows and Linux version available What is new in this release: Version - Fixed bug with the column width Version - Fixed bug with the empty character Version - Improved the statistics - Added new format to the chart - Added the empty character table - Changed the movement of the chart to be more easily - Added new character to "exclude words" list - Changed the behaviour of the application - Added the language list - Changed the search frequency - Changed the statistics - Changed the window size - Changed the url list - Fixed bug with keyboard of the user - Added the language preference What is new in this release: Version - The will attempt to find keywords on the right or left side. - The will calculate the ratios for all the options. - The will now only calculate the keyword text density on the left side. What is new in this release: Version - The search keywords option will try to find the keywords on the right or left side. What is new in this release: Version - The search keywords option will now only show the keywords that exist in the first 500 words. What is new in this release: Version - The Options to exclude words is now in the French language. - The will now always exclude words in the table, if it founds more than 10 words. - The will now show the result in 10 words, if there are less than 10 words in the table. What is new in this release: Version - The will calculate the ratios for all the options, if there is enough data. - You can now switch to a5204a7ec7

Prekes Serial Key is the most handy tool to help you find an idea about the URL keyword density. Each search has a few text keyword density in a URL, and you can find them in just seconds. The URL keyword density has a critical impact on the SEO (search engine optimization) in shaping the results pages. Prekes Crack automatically calculates keyword density with exact matches for your search keywords. You can exclude keywords from the keyword density calculation, so your search result is not showing your keywords. You can save the URLs and their keyword density results to your favorites list, e-mail them to your friends, and send a link to your own website to your friends and customers. Prekes Start URL: Prekes is a free product that is a beta version, but you should not be afraid to try it out because Prekes will not show you the private information about the websites you are searching for keywords and keyword density, such as the websites' IP address and other information. What is the Keywords Density in a Url? Keywords in the URL could help to identify the focus of your website. It could also be used as web address. Sometimes the keyword in the URL is also used to find your content on a search engine. In the past, most people thought the URL was nothing but the web address. Nowadays, we can find some information inside the URL. Search engines use URL keywords or search keyword density to find the website content. The URL text keyword density can also be used to find keywords and to find more keywords for a domain. How to Calculate the URL Keyword Density? Google webmaster tool can show some information about the keywords in a URL. Keyword in a URL is also counted as a keyword for a search, and webmaster tool shows it as a negative effect on the site. There are many applications you can use to calculate the web keyword density. Prekes is a very simple and easy-to-use application. Its simple interface will help you quickly find web URL keyword density. Prekes is an essential tool for everyone who is interested in keyword analysis. How to Calculate the URL Keyword Density in Prekes? Step 1. Input the URL in the search field. Step 2. Press the key F9. Step 3. Press F12. Step 4. Press the key Enter. Prekes Features


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